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Let us take care of producing your regular, vibrant and engaging articles and stories to be used online or in print.

Frequent and, most importantly, regular communication is the key to turning prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers. Statistics show that anywhere between 60 and 80% (depending on whose figures you use) of customers who stop shopping with companies do so because of "perceived indifference".

Sending messages to remind customers that you are around is an excellent way of showing them that you are not indifferent to them. This could be in the form of meetings, phone calls, postal newsletters, advertising and face-to-face events but increasingly it's also on the web, using email newsletters, blogs and social media.

Often we meet business owners who know they would get great results by communicating consistently with their customers and their target audiences, but find it difficult to make the time to write a blog post, case study for a website or put together an engaging and informative email newsletter with the articles to go with it.

All too often it falls on the business owner to think up what to write and, eventually, write it themselves. So it's not unusual for resolutions about blogging twice a week, or sending a newsletter out every month, to fall away because it’s more important to get work out of the door. And that's completely understandable.

Give us your problems

Using our fine and talented team of writers to write these communications for you means you can relax, knowing that ideas will be dreamt up and great writing produced without you having to lift a finger. Just approve what we're saying on your behalf and we'll do the rest.

You can tell customers that there’ll be another newsletter out next month without that gnawing feeling that it might not happen – because it will, we’ll make sure of it. You can get on with what you do best – running your business.

And you’ll need to – because you’ll be getting more enquiries and more custom.


Chris Hogan - Managing Director


What do customers say about OxCopy?

Well, they say we're very reliable, up-to-date and understand the needs of business. Then they'll explain how our words help them build turnover and profit.

They also say that we are flexible, willing to help and knowledgeable about the world of marketing and technology that fits around the words we write. They say that we don't just write words but help with the marketing campaign, sourcing software and services to help build their mailing lists, setup and run their social media campaigns and build websites that make money.

Can't your customers say that themselves?

Yes, they can, and very soon we hope you'll see their words replace ours in this slot, we just need to get their permission.

Isn't this a rather slim website?

You should have seen the last one! Like many other companies we are great at doing work for customers on time and without fuss but when it comes to working on our own stuf.... well, let's just say the cobblers shoes are always the last to be mended.

But we're practicing what we preach and have commissioned experts to make a new website for us so that we can concentrate on what we do best - writing for businesses like yours.

Where's the competition page?

That? Oh, that's here.